About Us

About The Crawfords

We are the Crawford brothers, Andrew & Graham who have developed a penchant for sipping whiskies, and in particular, fine Single Malts that tend to take our breath away. Our affinity with this wonderful product has come later in life despite our undeniable Scottish heritage.

We want you to join us in our quest for the “Holy Grail of Single Malts” that will see us exploring some of the famous and some of the not so famous distilleries of the world, in locations that may surprise and even shock you. The amazing result is that there are a number of “Johnny Come Lately” distilleries that are literally taking the whisky world by storm with their extraordinary skills, devotion and quality ingredients.

On our whisky quest we will unearth the surrounding environments of each distillery that may give us an insight as to how & why their whiskies tick.

We have developed a unique way of assessing each of the distilleries we visit – more to the point a specific rating of each batch that we are “forced” to imbibe! To see our Whisky Rating Meter and how it works click here (coming shortly).

Why Are We Heading Off On This Whisky Journey?

  • Whisky is in our heritage – something deep inside is drawing us towards exploring the world of single malts whiskies.
  • We both love single malt whiskies and the amazing variety of them.
  • Adventure is high on both our lists – life is short so we don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.
  • What we learn and experience on our single malt expeditions will be shared with you so that you may see and appreciate single malt whiskies the same way we do and maybe follow in our path to visit some of these locations.
  • We aim to have a lot of fun on our journey so the ‘establishment’ may roll their eyes at what a couple of Rebels from Australia are doing to a very traditional product.

If you love your single malt or blended whiskies or are just starting to develop a taste for this delicious fluid then you should join our tribe and follow us on our journey of learning. We will have unique offers for our members as many of the whiskies and associated offerings will be unique or have a very limited availability.

A little bit more about the Crawfords. Our accents are certainly not Scottish, but don’t let that offend you. Our grandfather, John Balfour Crawford was a distinguished gentleman from Edinburgh who was the Treasurer of The Bank Of Scotland from 1942-1952. Our father John A. Crawford migrated to the shores of Australia after the completion of duties in World War II where he survived the sinking of his ship in the Mediterranean after being torpedoed by a German Stuka.

So yes we have grown up in the land of ‘Convicts’ but our affinity with Scotland and it’s most famous product will not be denied!

Join us in what could become a never-ending journey as we strive to find some hidden gems in the Crawford’s World Of Whisky.

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